I’m Jen Goertzen, a user experience & user interface designer and researcher.

The Nitty Gritty

The only thing I love more than a good question is getting to the answer. The process of taking apart problems then reconstructing the pieces to find a solution is incredibly satisfying.

User experience marries my two passions of problem solving and observing human behaviour. I’m able to do both everyday—then watch people interact with the solutions so I can further improve on my ideas. Above all, I aim to do good. My work exists to support people in their endeavours, however big or small.

In 2011, I co-founded Caribou, a user experience strategy and design consultancy that works with startups and organizations to make better products and services. In 2017, we established the UX Lab, Canada’s first plug-and play usability testing space. I also kicked off UX Winnipeg, a UX-focused meetup for Winnipeg’s tech community.

On the side

Outside of my work in user experience it’s important to me that I grow as an individual and challenge myself.

I love the sport of triathlon, particularly the long-course distances. I've completed an Ironman (140.6) as well as three—and still counting—half Ironman (70.3) races.

More traditional hobbies:

—Drawing: Find my work at Máquè.

—Baking bread: My go-to book is Flour Water Salt Yeast.

—Reading: Latest reads posted on Favourites.

You can follow my "hobbies" on Instagram.


Caribou / Strategy & Design Consultancy
UX Consultant, Partner
2011 —

iQmetrix / Customer Experience Solutions
UX Lead
2015 —

UX Lab / Powered by Caribou & North Forge
2017 —

UX Winnipeg / Events & Community Organization
Organizer & Host
2017 —

Investor’s Group / Financial Planning & Advisor Services
UX Designer

Tipping Canoe / Consumer Mobile App Shop UX Designer
2011 – 2015


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